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PTS Paper & Board Symposium 2016

Lecture programme 2016

Future aspects of markets, resources and products


Prof. Dr. Frank Miletzky
Prof. Dr. Frank Miletzky PTS
Tiemo Arndt
Tiemo Arndt, PTS

Programme committee

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bauer
Prof. Dr. W. Bauer, TU Graz
Ekehard Beuleke
E. Beuleke, OMYA Int.
Bernard de Galembert
Bernard de Galembert, CEPI
Heiner Grussenmeyer
Heiner Grussenmeyer, Stora Enso
Oliver Rokohl
Oliver Rokohl, Thimm Verpackung

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Shaping the future with paperbased products

Frank Miletzky, Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS)

KEYNOTE: Development of the paper industry
Stefan Karrer, Papierfabrik August Koehler SE
Chairman of the Association for Research and Technology of the German Pulp and paper Industry

10.45 Strategies to safeguard the future in the paper business
Arne Kant, Pöyry
11.15 Can we improve resource efficiency by valorisation of the side streams in paper and board mills using paper for recycling?
Ulla Forsström, VTT
11.45 The future of print finishing – Technologies that are revolutionizing the design of products and models of  business
Peter Barth, Creative Network Consulting
12.15Exhibitors in brief
12.30Lunch break

Printing in the digitised future

13.45High-precision laser machining broadens scope for design
Stephan Roth, Bayerisches Laserzentrum Erlangen
14.15 ReepCycling – Circular print & capture for the digital era
Barak Yekutiely, REEP Technologies
14.45 Red Ocean, Blue Sky – Sheets for Digital Print
Patrick Walczak, BW Papersystems
15.15 Exhibitors in brief
15.30 Break

Food Packaging: Safety first!

16.00Datamatrix Coding with TIJ and Laser  “Cardboard comparison” for the global Pharma Market
Christoph Schneider, Videojet Technologies
16.30Coding technologies for paper and cardboard in the food and life science industry
Rainer Reuß, Domino Deutschland GmbH
17.00Functional barriers on paperboard secure existing markets and enable new applications compared to plastics
Horst Bittermann, MM Karton
17.30 Break
17.50Corrugated board solutions for direct food contact – from classic packages to baking trays
Michael Weber, Thimm Verpackungen
18.20 EVENING PRESENTATION: Origami: Low-cost/high-performance solutions for multifunctional lightweight sandwich structures
Yves Klett, Institut für Flugzeugbau, Universität Stuttgart
18.50 Cocktail reception at the exhibition area
19.20Dinner at the restaurant
The evening event with buffet and artistic social programme will offer best possibilities for networking.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Industry 4.0: BEYOND automation TOWARDS digitization

Innovative technologies and products in the manufacturing of paper and board

11.00Wet-end and coating concepts with novel polysaccharide additives in paper and board manufacturing
John Fisher, DuPont
11.30 Simultaneous preparation of microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) and precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) during reactive extrusion for paper and board production
Tiemo Arndt, PTS
12.00 New applications for microfibrillated cellulose in paper and board
Per Svending, FiberLean Technologies
12.30Exhibitors in brief
12.45Lunch break
14.00 Innovative technologies for tailor-made dimensional variations and mechanical properties in fibrous webs
Marion Sterner, Gruppo X
14.30 Eye opening operating results of a Flash Mixing Reactor for efficient use of wet end additives
Karri Tahkola, WetEnd Technologies
15.00Exhibitors in brief
15.45Shorter coating and drying units for paper - a realistic option?
Franz Durst, FMP Technology
16.15Thin medium-density fibreboard (MDF) in production of corrugated board
Tiemo Arndt, PTS
16.45 Wrap up and thanks
Frank Miletzky, PTS
Lectures will be given in German or English, each will be simultaneously translated into the other language.