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PTS Paper & Board Symposium 2016

Communication and more - take advantage of our "specials"!

Evening entertainment on 6 September 2016

The get-together in the evening of the first conference day will provide ample opportunities for exchange and discussion: Establish new and revive old contacts while having dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Origami Walking Act, Sand act show PTS Papier & Karton Symposium 2016, München

Origami Walking Act

Origami, the art of paper folding, is an old tradition originating from Japan, among other. A simple sheet of paper is transformed into an intricate sculpture or design by clever folding, without cutting or gluing. Our origami artist will be pleased to fulfil your wishes: she can fold practically any shape you like – chameleons, diamond rings, heart-shaped bracelets, designer shoes, butterflies, flowers, pianos,  clocks, but also practical things like business card or mobile phone holders ... all of which you can take home as a giveaway or souvenir to remind you of the event.

Sand Art Show

Watch our artist painting emotional stories in nothing but sand on an illuminated glass pane. Fascinating images emerge and disappear or are gradually transformed into new ones to tell you a visual story. Without brush and paint, but surprising dexterity and lots of fine sand...>> Video


Anastasia Vanpoperynghe, Ansprechpartnerin PTS Papier & Karton Symposium 2016, München

Anastasia Vanpoperynghe
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