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PTS Paper & Board Symposium 2016

News around the symposium

Industry 4.0: BEYOND automation TOWARDS digitization
One SAP partner, one worldwide leading provider of industrial solutions and one technology leader in paper engineering – three exciting perception of the highly topical subject industry 4.0 offers the fourth session of the symposium.  >> Read more

Food and pharma packaging: Safety first!
For food and pharma products safety plays an outstanding role. This topic will be the focus of thefourth session of the PTS Paper & Board Symposium.  >> Read more

Printing in the digitised future
The second session of the PTS Paper & Board Symposium on 6 September 2016 focuses on digital printing. >> Read more

The origami code – scientists discover folding
Dr Yves Klett from the Institute of Aircraft Design in Stuttgart will address the question if and how origami can be used for sustainable, economical and energy-efficient products. >> Read more

Shaping the future with paperbased products
The first session is dedicated to future topics of our industry. In his key-noteChairman of the Association for Research and Technology of the German Pulp and Paper Industry, will give a current overview about the development of the paper industry.  >> Read more



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